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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seafood deliveries do you get a week?

We get deliveries every weekday, and some Saturdays.


Do you sell sushi grade fish?

Yes. The majority of the fish we receive at Heller's we buy whole and cut ourselves, and it is of a quality that is sushi grade.

Can I freeze the fish and meats I buy from Heller's?

You can freeze 99.9% of the fish you buy at Heller's. We carry a Chilean Sea Bass that is frozen at sea and cannot be re-frozen.

Do you sell wholesale as well as retail?

We do. Heller's is proud to have supplied some of the best restaurants in the area, including Hamilton Grill, Mesquito Grill, Paganini's, Domaini Star, Ooka Sushi, The Salt House, Max Hanson Catering, Anton at the Swan and many more. 

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